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Barca were hot last night. Like Real Madrid the day before, the Blaugrana club was forced to go through extra time and the penalty shootout to defeat Bétis Sevilla in the Supercup semi-finals (2-2, 4-2). On Sunday, Barça and Real Madrid will therefore meet for a particularly tasty Clasico.

Xavi tackles his too shy players

In the meantime, an image from the end of the meeting last night was particularly striking, namely Xavi’s huge rant at his men. Believing that his team was not doing everything to win in overtime, the Barça coach shook his men like never before, at least in front of the cameras. “Guys, we all stay still! It’s a final, it’s a title, we shit on it! “, released a furious Xavi.

A rant that did not necessarily bear fruit to win in overtime. “You have to have ambition to be in the final,” Xavi explained after the match. “Xavi’s bronca was necessary,” Ter Stegen admitted to reporters after the match.

to summarize

Xavi, the Barça coach, did not appreciate the performance of his team, especially in overtime, and did not fail to let it be known. The technician gave a rant in front of the cameras which did not go unnoticed.

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