What is Harry Kane’s best ever goal?

Harry Kane became the all-time leading scorer in Tottenham Hotspur history when he grabbed the winning goal in a 1-0 win at home to Manchester City last week.

The England captain moved ahead of Jimmy Greaves to become the outright record holder with 267 strikes to his name.

To celebrate this landmark occasion, Sean Walsh and Jude Summerfield recorded a special edition of 90min’s Oh What A Night podcast, dedicating 75 minutes to Kane.

They discussed Sunday’s win, went through a timeline of Kane’s career and picked their favourite goal of his 267 so far.

On this edition of OWAN, Sean Walsh & Jude Summerfield discuss record breaker Harry Kane at length after he became Tottenham’s record goalscorer. If you can’t see this embed, click here to listen to the podcast!

Sean Walsh: What was your favourite Kane goal, if you had to pick one of the 267?

Jude Summerfield: This is always a tricky one. I’ll probably end up rattling a few off the bat that I won’t be able to choose between. There’s Arsenal in 2015/16, with the screaming and taking the mask off. I think for more like the aesthetics of a goal, the one against Palace in 2020/21 where he arrives on the edge of the box, hits it right-footed, it swerves towards the far post and goes in. It’s very top-of-the-side-netting. That’s just artistry right there. And then probably the header against Arsenal [in 2014/15] as an ‘I was there’ moment.

Sean Walsh: Should we talk about that a bit more? Because I don’t think we’ve talked about it enough. We talked about the Chelsea game [5-3 in 2014/15], it felt like part two of that kind of coming out. There was so much talk of Kane from the Arsenal side heading into that derby, ‘is he the real deal?’, the guy dressed like a pirate on AFTV saying the ‘whose name is Harry Kane?’ line and the shot of him in the stands after he scored the brace and he’s looking deadpan down the camera like he’s in The Office.

That was it, that was his game. I was so excited going into it, the atmosphere was great, we go 1-0 down but it doesn’t matter. We were battering them. It was probably one of the only times in my life where we killed Arsenal. We pinned them down, we dominated them, and we…


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