Twitter reacts as Antonio Conte leaves Tottenham by mutual consent

It’s over. The Antonio Conte era at Tottenham Hotspur is finally over.

After a tumultuous 18 months full of highs (mainly at the end of last season) and embarrassing lows (at of which came in the last month or so), Tottenham have decided to end Conte’s tenure at the club.

So, how did Tottenham Twitter react to the news?

Well…it’s fair to say they rejoiced:


— tehTrunk (@tehTrunk) March 26, 2023

Omg it’s over!

— Andrew (@Datey11) March 26, 2023

ironically, the first time spurs and conte ever reached a mutual agreement on anything

— Jonathan Liew (@jonathanliew) March 26, 2023


— gomi 🇰🇷 (@quokkangin) March 26, 2023

— tehTrunk (@tehTrunk) March 26, 2023

Some were quick to point out that, while things haven’t been particularly great of late, they at least never got to Jose Mourinho-nadir bad:

Antonio Conte made this possible. He also weirdly made it impossible to repeat and sustain.

A great manager but not a great fit, as many good times as bad. I wouldn’t bracket his era with Jose Mourinho’s.

— Sean Walsh (@SeanDZWalsh) March 26, 2023

Others were keen to look to the future immediately, one which Cristian Stellini will lead…for now…

Well there we go. Antonio Conte has left Spurs by mutual agreement. Cristian Stellini will take the team as acting head coach for the remainder of the season, along with Ryan Mason as assistant head coach. Great for Stellini and he’s popular with the players. Big decision.

— Alasdair Gold (@AlasdairGold) March 26, 2023

Stellini in the Spurs dressing room

—  ᴅᴀᴠɪᴅ ᴇʟʟɪs • (@fullback03) March 26, 2023

Stellini: “We should probably book a plane ticket if we want to get back in time for training tomorrow.”

— Simon Yemane (@simonyemane) March 20, 2023

A lot of Tottenham fans were keen to exclaim who they wanted as their next permanent manager.

No surprises that it’s the wonderkid manager who was just sacked by Bayern Munich:

Antonio Conte will get another job…


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