Tottenham: Conte seriously wonders about the rest of his career



Antonio Conte has been marked by the deaths of three of his friends in recent weeks. The technician asks himself existential questions and plans to leave England to return to Italy. His contract ends in June 2023.

Antonio Conte

In a press conference, Antonio Conte spoke about his future. The Italian technician, who was marked by the deaths of three of his friends, Gian Piero Ventrone, Sinisa Mihajlovic and Gianluca Vialli, does not hide the fact that he wonders about the idea of ​​​​returning to Italy: “This season is a difficult season from a personal point of view because losing, in such a short time, three people that I knew very well, Gian Piero Ventrone, then Sinisa and now Gianluca, it is not easy. In this kind of situation, you have important thoughts. Because often we reflect and give a lot of importance to our work and we forget the family, we forget that we need more time for ourselves. It is sure that this season makes me have an important reflection on my future.explained the technician at a press conference.

“I don’t want to affect the life of my family”

The native of Lecce puts a lot of things into perspective. His decision for the future seems obvious, while his contract with Tottenham is supposed to end in June: “When you work and work is at the top of your mind, you forget about your family, about hanging out with friends, we forget about spending time with those people. But it is our passion and for passion we have lost a lot. When you have a son or a daughter, children at school then you have to respect them, because if every year or every two years you have to totally change the environment of your children… I don’t want to affect the life of my family. Sometimes it’s important to make the decision to sacrifice yourself and stay. I have a family who try to support me and come here every moment they can, but this type of situation becomes more difficult when a situation like this happens with Gianluca, Gian Piero and Sinisa”he added.

Antonio Conte settled on the bench of Tottenham in November 2021. The former coach has since obtained 35 successes, 10 draws and conceded 18 defeats. Two coaches in particular seem to be in the race to succeed him, in the event of departure: it would be Thomas Tuchel and Mauricio Pochettino. The first could “betray” Chelsea fans by joining Spurs, while the second already knows the house well.

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