“They turned their back on him”, a PSG star is dumped



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Nothing is going well for Neymar at PSG. Currently out of action due to an ankle injury, the Brazilian international has reportedly lost the confidence of his superiors, who are thinking of selling him during the next summer transfer window. But that’s not all since the star would also have lost the support of some of his teammates.

Criticized at the end of last season, Neymar was keen to get back into shape. His work during the offseason had paid off since the player had made a first part of League 1 impressive. But the world Cup marked a real setback. Touched in the ankle from his first meetingNeymar never regained its level. Touched again during the match against LOSC on February 19, he made the decision to have surgery and end his season. During this absence, the leaders of PSG wondered about his future. Officials came to the same conclusion: Neymar has become a burden for the club.

Neymar would have betrayed PSG

As explained Daniel Riolo, Neymar betrayed the trust of its leaders. “During the tour in Japan, the Campos-Galtier pact was to go see Neymar in particular and say: ‘Good, given what happened last year, if we really want to do something, we’ll have to stop the bullshit and let’s get started”. They made a pact with the stars of the style we will pass everything to you and the others will be basically minions “he confided during the podcast of theAfterFoot.

Neymar lonely in the Parisian locker room

This broken promise also had repercussions on his place in the locker room of the PSG. ” The pact has been shattered, because you can’t trust guys like Neymar. That’s why at one point in the locker room full of people turned their backs on Neymar ” said Riolo. Today, Neymar would be isolated. ” Even a guy like Verratti, he is not friends with Neymar” explained the editorialist and journalist of RMC Sport. “We think it’s the great friendship, but he’s really isolated today “. Neymar certainly hoped for better at the start of the season.

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