The French Winger Destrying Defences in Germany

In the end, France failed to defend their World Cup title in Qatar by the barest margins as Lionel Messi fulfilled his destiny. However, the two-time world champion still possesses the best talent out of all national teams. And one of the men who could be the next superstar for Les Bleus is Moussa Diaby, one the finest young wingers across Europe.

Playing for Bayer Leverkusen, Diaby is a product of the Paris Saint Germain youth academy that has, over the years, produced some fine young talents, such as the 17-year-old Warren Zaire Emery, who played against Bayern Munich in the Champions League.  

However, Diaby is one of the best products to come out of the academy in recent years. The youngster is also slowly becoming an integral part of the French national football team and, with Mbappe, could form one of the deadliest attacking duos in football. 

And in the last three years, he has gone from strength to strength, rising from a talented youngster to one of the brightest players across Europe. This means that signing Moussa Diaby will be a goal for many top clubs come summer, which is a testament to how great a player he has become.

Moussa Diaby stats

Moussa Diaby has scored eight goals and provided four assists this season in the Bundesliga. In addition, Diaby has scored three goals and three assists in DFB Pokal and Europa League. A deeper look at the stats shows the brilliance of Moussa Diaby.

According to Soccerment, Diaby is the second-best player in Bundesliga on the Expected Threat (xT) metric. The xT metric measures how a player uses his passing or progressive carries to take the ball into dangerous areas and contributes to the team’s attacks. And the stats show that Diaby is second both in xT and xT from carries in the entire league.

Diaby also ranks fifth in the Bundesliga on the Expected Offensive Value Added (xOVA), a metric that measures the total attacking output of a player on the pitch. The Frenchman has also created 12 big chances in the German league, the fifth-best in the league. We must remember that these impressive stats have come for a Leverkusen side that is currently eighth in the table, making him one of the few positives of…


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