Stéphanie Frappart, the insult that does not pass



At the whistle during Strasbourg-Montpellier (2-0), Stéphanie Frappart was the victim of rude comments from the president of the MHSC, Laurent Nicollin.

The championship days pass and Montpellier does not succeed. Currently fifteenth in the championship with two tiny points ahead of the red zone, the Hérault club has won only one of its last six matches. League 1. What instill a certain tension around the team and its management. This weekend, during a trip punctuated by a defeat on the lawn of Strasbourg (2-0), it was the president of the MHSC who lost his nerves by verbally attacking the arbitrator.

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Laurent Nicollin made inappropriate remarks against Stéphanie Frappart who did not hesitate to show the red card against the manager. As reported The Team this Tuesday, the son and successor of the mythical “Loulou” Nicollin at the head of the Montpellier club is at risk. His case will thus be examined on Wednesday by the disciplinary committee. The regulations stipulate that for such a slippage, the boss of the MHSC can be sanctioned with a maximum of eight games of suspension. For its part, the media recalls that Laurent Nicollin is ” not used to this kind of behavior“. What to hope for a little leniency in the judgment.

“It breaks my co…”

In the meantime, the situation remains very tense for Montpellier, as also illustrated by the media release of Maxime Estève. Asked just after this weekend’s defeat against the RCS, the Hérault defender drew up a catastrophic inventory. “Anyway, we’ve been zero for some time. Me it does not surprise me. […] At some point, you have to get your fingers out of your ass. It breaks my balls that we are in trouble like this every weekend. “ Charge to the players and the staff to straighten the bar as soon as possible.

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