Redeem OM? Saudi Arabia’s announcement


The file of the sale of OM continues to make people talk. Despite Frank McCourt’s numerous denials, there was always talk of a takeover of the Marseille club by Saudi investors. Some are constantly putting coins back into this machine and on the side of Saudi Arabia, we made an announcement on this subject.

Today theOM is the property of Frank McCourt. But soon, the Marseille club could go under the Saudi flag. Indeed, there has been talk for many months now of a takeover of theOM by Saudi Arabia. For, Rolland Courbis also announced: I think the Saudis can buy OM quickly “.

“We are happy with Newcastle’s results, but…”

A few months ago, Saudi Arabia bought Newcastle. L’OM could he then be next on the list? For brand, Ibrahim Alkassim, secretary general of the Saudi Football Federation was asked about the possible takeover of new clubs by Saudi Arabia. ” Buy other clubs after Newcastle? We are happy with the results of Newcastle, but the Federation is not involved in the acquisition or not of foreign clubs “, he let go.

“We are not involved in the money invested abroad”

As a Federation, we are not involved in the money invested abroad “, Then explained the number 2 of the Saudi Federation.

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