Ranking Manchester United’s Top 10 Retro Jerseys Of All Time

Amid ongoing disappointment surrounding a string of subpar shirts, we’ve decided to look back at better times for Manchester United — sartorially speaking.

The club have sported some unforgettable strips down the years, and many Red Devils fans yearn for the calibre of shirts of yesteryear. These outfits had the all-round style, uniqueness and sheer timelessness to be true classics, and weren’t adorned with TeamViewer’s lamentably lacklustre logo like they are now. The fact that you still see fans wearing these vintage shirts out and about is testament to how they’ve stood the test of time. The less said about the infamous grey away strip from 1996, the better, however.

So, with all of that aside, we’ve ranked the top 10 Manchester United home retro shirts, covering the period from Sharp’s debut on the kit in 1982, all the way up to when the Glazers took over the club in 2005. 

1992/93 & 1993/94

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Simply the perfect fusion between a bygone style of football kits and the distinctively loud — borderline garish — look of the ‘90s, United’s 1992 to 1994 home kit is a truly remarkable specimen. Featuring a futuristic imprint of the Umbro logo and its first two letters in a 3D font throughout the body, this is juxtaposed strikingly with a lace-up collar, the like we’d been seeing since football’s formative years. The result is a head-spinning convergence of multiple eras of football history. 

However, while the jersey is undeniably bold and oh-so memorable, the lace-up collar inevitably ages it, meaning the shirt isn’t quite as fashion-forward as others on this list. 

1994/95 & 1995/96

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While this is by no means up there in the style stakes, this strip’s body is quite incredibly embellished by an image of Old Trafford, and for that alone it had to make the…


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