QSI has chained the flops, he smashes the PSG transfer window



While the current form of PSG seems to be at its lowest, this is an opportunity for some observers to take stock, thus evaluating the transfer window of the capital club. For Jean-Michel Larqué, former player and coach of the club, nothing is going well in the recruitment carried out in Paris in recent years under the QSI era.

Illustrious player of the 70s, especially on the side of AS Saint Etienne, Jean-Michel Larque enjoyed his time on the show Rothen ignites to analyze the players who have arrived at PSG for several transfer windows.

PSG only takes care of its recruitment in attack

In Rothen ignites, Jean Michel Lacked laments: “The effort of Parisian leaders (on the transfer window) is constantly focused on names in front”. A big mistake, he said.

PSG chained the flops in defense and in the middle

Jean-Michel Larque continues: “There are players at PSG who have passed like berries on a silk sheet, full-backs such as Kurzawa, Kehrer, Bakker. They had recruited Dani Alves, Florenzi… and in the middle it’s the same, but I’ll save you that”. The capital club has not been very active during this winter transfer window, even if the possible arrival of Milan Skriniar could change things.

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