PSG: Mbappé threatens to slam the door, “a humiliation”

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Extended until 2024 by PSG a year ago, Kylian Mbappé would refuse for the moment to activate his additional year as an option in his contract. He could therefore leave free at this deadline, and Daniel Riolo details all the diplomatic concern of Qatar and its management in this thorny file.

After a long soap opera, Kylian Mbappe ended up extending his contract with the PSG in May 2022, therefore snubbing at the last minute the real Madrid who wished to lure him free. A victory for the higher authorities of the club from Doha, in Qatarbut the joy is short-lived since Mbappe would refuse to activate his additional year as an option for the time being. He could therefore once again find himself free and leave the PSG in the summer of 2024.

“It’s become something completely crazy”

In After Foot, on RMC Sport, Daniel Riolo returned to the entire soap opera around the extension of Mbappe last year, a real diplomatic subject for the Qatar : “ The extension of Mbappé and the fact of wanting to keep Mbappé at PSG, we have to go back to Nasser’s interview in the summer of 2021 where he basically said he will never leave or not this summer. And it became an obsession tinged with diplomatic consideration. Mbappé must stay the year when the Cup will be played in Qatar. It had become something completely crazy. The Qataris had to send a very strong sign. It boiled down to one thing: do everything to keep it. There was his mother’s trip to Doha. From where you resonate “we are ready for anything and he will not leave”, you cannot be surprised in the process that the person to whom you said we are ready for anything abuses and arrives at this contract. But he didn’t force anyone “, noted Riolo.

“A humiliation for all of Qatar”

He pursues : “ What is surprising is the sporting policy of PSG, it is to make it a personal matter. To show affect, to say that if he leaves it’s a humiliation for the whole country, a humiliation for everyone. I remember when people laughed when I said that if he leaves, there are other players, there are plenty of teams that get by without Mbappé. There is no irreplaceable player. You never hold a player against their will. You are not putting yourself in danger of finding yourself at some point losing this player for free. But it was the Qataris who got into it and I’m not going to blame Mbappé for that. Today, he is the king, he thinks he is LeBron James, “I do what I want, I want this sports director”. A player’s departure should never be dramatic. It should never be experienced as a tragedy. We must think about replacing it and the collective must take precedence », Estimates the columnist of RMC.

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