Preventing Soccer Injuries With The Right Soccer Cleats

Soccer involves speed, intense acceleration and abrupt direction changes. The fact that all players seem to be running after the same thing increases the chances of getting injured in the process. This is also a game that involves higher levels of body contact and therefore injures are not that uncommon.

Considering that the feet and legs are the parts that are primarily engaged during the game, most injuries tend to be on the lower and upper legs, ankles, feet and knees. The injuries can be anything from ankle sprains to medial ligament ruptures. Warming up, practicing and maintaining soccer fitness are some of the best ways of keeping the injuries at bay. But the choice of soccer gear and equipment can also go a long way in reducing the chances of getting injured.

They offer protective functions to the feet and different brands are coming up with all kinds of protective features to keep payers safer. When you have the right soccer cleats handy, you will find that you are much safer from soccer injuries. Here are a few things you can do to minimize injuries using the right pair.

1. Choose based on the playing surface. The truth is that soccer cleats are designed for different surfaces and conditions. When you use the wrong studs, you end up increasing your chances of getting injured through slips and falls. For instance, you should choose the right studs for that offer grip on artificial fields instead of choosing those that easily slides on the surface. It helps to know the playground conditions so you can select the appropriate soccer cleats for them.

2. Choose the right fit. Choosing the wrong soccer cleat size increases your chances of getting injured. One that is too large for your feet will create difficulties when running, kicking and tackling other players. You will be exposed to falls when your feet seem to constantly slide inside the just because it is too big. The same is the case with small sized ones because they can leave you pretty uncomfortable making it hard for you to run and kick the ball right.

3. Pay attention to lacing. Laces are good features for some players because they make it possible for them to achieve a snug fit. However, they can be potentially dangerous if they keep coming loose, increasing chances of tripping over them. Side laces may be better choices and so will soccer cleats that come with sleeves to keep the laces hidden. It also helps to choose soccer cleats with laces that are of good material and length so they can hold strongly to the end of the game.

With so many soccer cleat designs and styles, you should be able to find a pair that meets all your protective needs. Paying attention to details can help you in keeping injuries minimal in the otherwise aggressive game of soccer. It helps to go beyond the looks when choosing soccer cleats.

Source by Satvik Mittal

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