Patrice Evra tackles the attitude of the Blues towards Karim Benzema


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Karim Benzema’s withdrawal from the 2022 World Cup continues to make a lot of noise. And this time, it’s the turn of Patrice Evra, a very discreet man in the media, to speak about it in a video posted on his Instagram account. And clearly, the former defender of the France team regrets the attitude of the Blues vis-à-vis the Real Madrid striker.

“I’ve been disappointed. From the outside, because I was not in the group and I could not know what happened, I have the impression that Karim disturbed a lot of people. You players, not to have him on the field. We go to war for a player. Medical report according to the doctor of the France team, three weeks. Let’s talk about the Di Maria case, injured the whole World Cup, he plays in the final and he scores against us. It is the coach’s responsibility. He has to make choices, we told Karim to do his business. But you players, I think Didier always puts the team before the players. Players, you are making the same mistake as the 98 world champions who thought that the France team belonged to them. The France team belongs to everyone. You want to decide who comes, who has to come, no, you’re going to make the same mistake, no need for that, we have the Ballon d’Or in our team.did he declare.

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World Cup: Karim Benzema comes out of silence on his withdrawal from the France team

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