Nothing is going well in Paris, the PSG coach presses where it hurts


While PSG has not been on its plate at all since the post-World Cup recovery, Christophe Galtier has exchanged with his players to remobilize them, as he himself announced at a press conference. And the PSG coach wanted to highlight the main flaw of his players.

Since the end of the World Cupthe PSG a series of shy performances, and this is felt in accounting terms. Indeed, Christophe Galtier’s men are struggling to evolve at their best level and lose precious points in the title race by League 1. Aware of the situation, the technician of the PSG wanted to put pressure on his players.

Christophe Galtier has remobilized his players

“There have been poor performances in recent weeks, we must reflect on our organization, the animation and the ability to be able to press. We haven’t succeeded in the last matches. I had discussions with my players last week to define or redefine the most interesting place to recover the ball. We worked in a certain way this morning. After the Cup match, we can have four training sessions and work on that. We have to be more disciplined when the opponent takes the ball out,” said Christophe Galtier at a press conference recently.

Galtier regrets the insufficient investment of his players

According to information from RMC Sports, Christophe Galtier would have had individual interviews with certain players and would have sent a clear message to his entire group last Saturday in the locker room of the training center. During his story, the coach of the PSG would have explained that the investment of its players was insufficient since the recovery. It remains to be seen whether the speech of Christophe Galtier will cause a click within its workforce.

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