Neymar joins Gerard Pique at Barcelona



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Forfeited until the end of the season after his ankle operation, Neymar Jr (31) has decided to offer himself a new challenge. It is obviously not a question of his sporting future, but of another competition. The Brazilian star of PSG has indeed announced, this Sunday, at Camp Nou, that he will now have his own team in the Kings League Brazil. ” There is only one king here. I want a team in the Kings League “, thus dropped the Parisian number 10 in a video published in Barcelona, ​​in a packed and boiling stadium for this competition created by Gerard Piqué, mixing football and esport.

The timing of this announcement, validated by Pique himself and confirming that the competition will extend to Latin America, is not trivial since the Final Four of the Kings League started on the lawn of Camp Nou FC Barcelona in recent hours. The 2010 world champion and former Barça defense manager offers himself a nice shot by enlisting Neymar, after having managed to attract big fish like Ronaldinho, Sergio Agüero or Iker Casillas into his nets. This should amplify the success of the Kings League in Spain.

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