Naples ablaze as hooligans take over city

Ahead of Wednesday night’s second leg of the Champions League round of 16 between Napoli and Eintracht Frankfurt, supporters of the latter appeared to have teamed up with Atalanta fans and are ransacking Naples and setting the city on fire as they do so.

Journalist, Tancredi Palmeri, has posted a shocking video to his official Twitter account which shows a mob of around 300 or so just brazenly walking the streets and destroying everything in their path.

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At this stage, one wonders if the game can even take place.

Shocking scenes currently ongoing in Naples:

guerrilla in downtown, a squad of 20 policemen risking their life, as a Eintracht and Atalanta hooligans allied are setting on fire the city.

Naples is currently hostage of 300 hooligans

— Tancredi Palmeri (@tancredipalmeri) March 15, 2023

A later video also purports to show Napoli’s own ultra hooligans trying to seek out their Eintracht counterparts:

Clashes erupt at the square in Naples as Napoli’s ultras seem to have attempted to reach the area where Eintracht Frankfurt’s supporters are located. Police are at the scene.

— DW Sports (@dw_sports) March 15, 2023


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