Mercato: One of the worst transfers from PSG?


Footballer almost failed, I chose journalism because it is the only profession that allows you to criticize those who have succeeded. After realizing my dream of competing in the 2010 World Cup (in the press box), I live from my passion with the transfer window and major sporting events as a second family.

Author of a new insipid performance, Carlos Soler displays a really worrying level at PSG. For many observers, the Spanish midfielder does not have the level to play in Paris. To the point of being considered one of the club’s worst transfers.

18 million euros. This is what the PSG to secure the services of Carlos Soler. If he did not have his CV to speak for him, the reality on the ground would probably not allow him to chain tenures as is currently the case. The numerous injuries in the midfield sector could have served as an opportunity to show what he was capable of. Was it better to do without it?

An undecided place on the pitch

What is Carlos Soler’s real job? Is he more comfortable in a torchbearer role or slightly higher as number 10? In view of his services, not sure that the person concerned himself can answer the question. Used in different schemes, in different roles, it fails to stand out. However, he enjoys the confidence of the coach with fifteen games in League 1 but crosses the meetings like a ghost or almost.

A fatal lack of character

Play at PSG, is not easy. You are scrutinized, watched. In an average club, we see what a player can do. At PSG, you can see what he can’t do. The requirement of such a club brings out the players who stand out. Different players, actually. If you don’t have the personality to show your qualities, the pressure literally eats you up. The player under contract until 2025 is a little reminiscent of Wijnaldum, who had lost his means when he arrived in the capital in 2021. Midfielders unable to release a ball under pressure, who hide when the Parisian boat pitches… Paris has enough financial fair play issues to think twice about taking on these types of players.

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