Mbappé, Galtier and the reactions after PSG


Paris went through their round of 16 C1 against Bayern. But there is still hope thanks to an encouraging end to the match.

Paris respected Bayern too much, this Tuesday in 8e first leg of the Champions League. He was punished for it, with this 0-1 defeat which puts him in a bad position for a qualification for the next round. The operation carried out is bad, but there are still grounds for hope before the trip to Germany. The good face proposed with the entry into play of Kylian Mbappé. At the final whistle, the latter has also promised that he and his partners will be much more efficient in the return match.

Kylian Mbappé (PSG striker on Canal+): ” ” What you must remember ? Always remember the end. We have a disadvantage but we saw that we were able to put them in danger towards the end. With all our players on the way back, we’re going to get the qualifier (…) I wasn’t supposed to play, but I want to do it and bring some energy. Today, I could only do that (…) In three weeks, all our players must be in good health, because when we have our team and we play offensively, they are not comfortable. Goal disallowed? It’s the new football. If there is an offside, it is there. You have to switch quickly. And keep the positive. Go down there to qualify because with what I have seen there is room”.

Danilo Pereira (PSG midfielder on Canal+): “It was a hard game. This is always the case in the Champions League. I think we had a good game. Bayern were better with the ball. We made a 1e period when we defended well, but without finalizing the actions. But this is the Champions League. It’s possible to win there, because we have a big team. We must not be afraid to be more offensive. The last 15 minutes with Kylian, we were good. It is certain that we will have to do more offensively”.

Kingsley Coman (Bayern striker on Canal+): “An away win is always good to take. In the end, we can settle for a 1-0, even if the face of the match could have made us hope for better. My goal ? It’s something we work on a lot in training and Davies hits me with a perfect ball and I’m a bit successful. The evening ? Yes, it is very special. It’s a club where I grew up. It was very complicated but at the end we are happy to celebrate the victory. The return ? We will focus first on the Bundesliga and then we will prepare for this match. It will be very tight.”

Christophe Galtier (PSG coach on Canal+): “From the moment we don’t have depth, Bayern have made enormous progress. We struggled to get the ball out and hold it, obviously we were cornered. By playing that way, without the verticality, we had a difficult first period. There was another scenario planned in the second period. Unfortunately we take this goal just before we reorganize offensively. There were then 25 minutes where the team was in reaction, in an organization that corresponds to it. With more density in the middle. Unfortunately, Achraf (Hakimi) was not used. It didn’t turn out much. We hustled them for 25-30 minutes. Of course there is disappointment. We all knew that tonight there would be no qualified or eliminated. We will have to see in 3 weeks in what state our workforce will be. Three defeats in a row? A difficult period, with a workforce very affected on a physical level. 1-0 is a negative result, but we will have to win at Bayern to hope to go to penalties or qualify directly”.

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