Looking For The Best Soccer Cleats? Buying Do’s And Don’ts



The huge variety of sports cleats on the market can make selection for the best a daunting task. As a player, the worst you can do when buying is getting a pair that is just wrong for you. Foot comfort matters most if at all you want to manage giving your best during play and this means choosing a pair that does justice to you. Using a few do’s and Don’ts of buying the best, you should be able to end up with a pair that you actually love wearing.

The dos

1. Do buy cleats matching the surface you will be playing on. This may mean getting a number of pairs especially if you have several differently pitched matches during the season but it will definitely be worth it. Soccer cleats are designed differently for the different field conditions and the appropriate footwear is necessary to keep you on top of the game. A pair that is perfect for soft ground may not work as great on the firm hard ground so choose wisely.

2. Do consider your playing position when buying. Playing style differs from player to player and therefore the play position should be used when selecting the perfect pair. For instance, strikers will need cleats which are comfortable and light whereas defenders and goalkeepers are better off wearing a pair with a firm grip to prevent slippage and a design that enhances stability. Pay attention to your play position then choose a pair that will help you get the most during play.

3. Do remember your feet shape. You cannot change the shape of your feet and the best you can do therefore to enjoy comfort is to choose sports cleats that are perfect for your feet. Some players will have high arches and others will have normal ones, others may have wide feet and others will have toes which taper differently. Understanding your feet is the key to finding the perfect pair. Go for a cushioning boot if you have a high arch and choose stability boot for normal arched feet. For flat feet, motion control boots are the best.

The Don’ts

1. Don’t choose looks over comfort. Soccer cleats have revolutionized greatly from the typical black boots into very attractive and colorful ones. It is therefore very easy to be blinded by what appeals to the eye more than the design which matters most. When buying your boots, always go for the right size, fit, design and materials before going for the aesthetics of the boot.

2. Don’t compromise quality for price. There is nothing wrong with looking for cheap soccer cleats, but you should at least ensure that the quality you get in the end is still worth it. Soccer cleats on sale can save you lots of money but avoid poor quality boots no matter how pressed you may feel financially. When you pay attention to all the right elements, it is very possible to find cheap cleats that are of high quality.

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