Le Graët – Resignation: Imminent bomb at the FFF? He answers



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This Thursday, the Executive Committee of the French federation will meet, without Noël Le Graët, laid off a few weeks ago. Overwhelmed on all sides, the president of the FFF still refuses to resign, crying injustice. His lawyers had reacted to the accusations against him and had counterattacked.

Noel Le Graet hold on. While the parquet floor Paris opened an investigation for moral harassment and sexual harassment, the manager refuses to give in. However, it is the consequence of a report from former collaborators, who denounced the practices of the leader of the FFFpunish.

Le Graët has no intention of resigning

Dropped also following his inappropriate remarks on Zinedine Zidane, he considers himself the victim of a great injustice and still refuses to resign according to information from the Parisian. The comex of the FFF is going to meet this Thursday, but he should only deal with taking minutes. No decision should be made

Overwhelmed, he defends himself

A few days ago, Noël Le Graët’s lawyers reacted and fought back. “ The virulence of the words used with regard to Mr. Le Graët is surprising in view of the emptiness of its factual basis, which is based on truncated and anonymous elements and testimonies. (He intends to defend) firmly his honorr,” they said.

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