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Harry Kane is still the top target for Bayern Munich in the forward department. They’re aware of how difficult it is to sign an English player from England – it’s like Marco Reus with Dortmund – but he hasn’t signed a new contract yet, which means there’s still hope.

Also, in Munich, they heard about the rumours from Leipzig around Joško Gvardiol. The club have said he’ll stay in the summer but we heard that Christopher Vivell of Chelsea knocked on the door to try and get him either in the winter (they said ‘no’) or the summer. I think there will be some activity in the summer and here’s the connecting point to the Kane rumours: Tottenham are still very keen on Gvardiol, so Bayern are banking on some movement there, as Tottenham need money to buy Gvardiol. They’ll have to sell Kane if he doesn’t extend his contract; if they can agree a deal with Bayern, or Real Madrid perhaps, there will then be money for Gvardiol.

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I think there’s no hope for other clubs when it comes to Konrad Laimer, as Bayern Munich are quite far ahead in these talks. His contract is ending in June, so he’s going to be a free agent soon. He’s officially allowed to talk with other clubs. Unofficially, we know there were talks. It will be soon that Bayern Munich has him and there’s no hope for Leipzig, Chelsea or Liverpool. I think in the next few days or weeks we’ll get the official confirmation. Bayern is very far along with discussions. Julian Nagelsmann coached him at Leipzig and they have a good relationship.

Yann Sommer is still option No.1 for Bayern Munich because they’ve already got an agreement for working together, which will be a longer contract lasting until 2025. They’re aware that there are not many goalkeepers on the market available for a longer period of time.

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