“It’s easy to be good from July to January”



A former Paris SG coach is waiting to see Kylian Mbappé confirm his good first half of the season.

Kylian Mbappé is one of the strong men of PSG. He is this season, just like he was in previous ones. Bondy’s crack doesn’t have much to prove, especially since he comes out of a stratospheric World Cup on a personal level. Yet there are still those who doubt him and his abilities.

“Mbappé, we will wait for him at the turn”

A certain Laurent Fournier, passed by the Parisian bench between 2005 and 2006, challenged him by saying he should perform just as well in big games as he does against second-tier teams. “We will wait for him at the turn. There are deadlines awaiting PSG, including the Champions League. It’s easy to be good from July until January. But February, March, April and May you can lose everything, ”he said on Europe 1 on Sunday evening.

Fournier nevertheless admitted that Mbappé has made a lot of progress lately.. Both in terms of his attitude and his game. “I find that he has evolved enormously compared to past seasons in terms of his attitude. It is much more collective and turned towards others. In addition, he makes it known. On the pitch, we have nothing to teach him. Technically, he is able to make the difference and score goals,” he said.

At last, Fournier concluded by suggesting Paris ‘can still lose it all’ this season. “Winning the Cup against OM is never easy. The C1, against Bayern, you never know what can happen. In addition, there are small tensions at the club. And there will be other players who will arrive. It is never easy to manage, especially during these periods.

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