He wants to be the “boss”, Mbappé validates



This Sunday, the captain of the France team, Kylian Mbappé, gave his second press conference as boss of the Blues. As is customary on the eve of matches, the captain appears before the press. Before facing Ireland in the second match of the Euro 2024 qualifiers, Kylian Mbappé returned to his former teammate at PSG, Adrien Rabiot, who had declared a few days rather wanting to become a boss with the Blues.

Kylian Mbappé was invited to a press conference to answer a question about Adrien Rabiot and its emergence from the World Cup. The middle of the Juventus claims to be a leader and Mbappé knows it and encourages it.

“I want to be a boss”

Adrien Rabiot had already expressed his desire to become one of the executives of The french team, during an interview with Figaro : “ A boss in the group? Yes, I feel ready. I want it. The experience gained over the competitions, but also in my everyday life, makes me move forward. Some have stopped, others are coming, so my status changes too. I want to take on this new role, like a big brother. I don’t feel old even if young people arrive, and I would even say that I have not yet arrived at the best age and the best period of my life as a footballer. »

“Behind me, it’s solid”

At a press conference this Sunday, the captain of the Blues Kylian Mbappé gave the praises by Adrien Rabiot : “ He is a player who has come of age on the pitch and in his life. He is a calm person and he gives me a lot of confidence. I know he is solid and he does things well. I know that behind me, it’s solid. The talent he always had. »

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