“He has too many deficits!”


The former French international knocked out PSG goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma.

Gianluigi Donnarumma is now PSG’s number one goalkeeper. He is the incumbent, but he does not fully convince. The Italian keeper said recently that he felt more comfortable than in his first season at the club. But, this is hardly seen in his performances. And this is what Emmanuel Petit noted.

“Donnarumma has not progressed since his arrival in Paris”

The ex-French international sent violent spades to the Italian goalkeeper during his last intervention on RMC Sports. “I blame him for not being at the extraordinary level he was with the Squadra Azzurra when they were European champions. He was brilliant. I can understand that since his arrival the competition with Navas was a problem for him. He often had his ghost behind him. But after his departure, he had to let go of the horses and that was not the case”.

The 98 world champion went further by declaring that the former Milanese has stagnated since he settled in the French capital: “Honestly, I don’t see him progressing. In the leadership or the assurance he can release, even if this responsibility is shared with the defenders. But whether it’s in his kicking game or his aerial ball outings – while the guy is 2 meters tall – he is constantly moving. He always hesitates, he is often on his heels, and too often glued to his line when PSG are far from their goals. However, he had great goalkeeper coaches. There are plenty of deficits in his game today.

Petit concluded by wondering if it is not a mental problem that penalizes Donnarumma “Is it a confidence issue or a maturity issue? This is not the last bulwark that I want to see at PSG. Since his arrival, I have not seen any progress”.

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