Former Man Utd defender Steve James trying to track down fans who wrote him poem during 1970s



There are rumblings around the Old Trafford ground,

Regarding the Honourable James.

Why are there no shouts being bandied about,

With regards to the absence of same?

He did a great job, as agreed by the mob

Of supporters and critics alike.

But he never seems to get publicity- yet,

He earns it, the Honourable James.

Twice bashed in the face, then fallen from grace

By the art. Hon Docherty, Tom,

That’s why we don’t hear,

Those roars far and near,

For the Honourable Steven R. James.

Ten years he’s been with them,

The longest of all

Due for a Benefit soon?

Oh, why don’t we see him, gazelle like and tall,

The quietest man of them all?

So let’s read next week, from the man David Meek

Concerning the Honourable James,

About how last season, he helped pull them through

And out of Division Two

If you have any information relating to the poem below, or its writers, please contact:


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