Deschamps had a plan for Benzema, it was shattered


The history of Karim Benzema and the France team is littered with controversy and the latest has not finished talking. His package for the World Cup indeed animates the debates, with in particular supposed tensions with the coach Didier Deschamps, who nevertheless seemed to want to bet on him.

Adulated at real Madrid and considered one of the best scorers of recent years, Karim Benzema has somewhat missed his appointment with theFrench team. He was indeed not crowned in 2018 and his adventure in Qatar in 2022 was cut short, since he was forced to forfeit before the start of the World Cup.

A climate not really serene around Benzema?

His departure, however, seems to have taken place in rather controversial circumstances. Daniel Riolo addressed this topic quite recently, clearly referring to ” tensions ” around Benzema, as well as a total misunderstanding with Didier Deschamps and his staff. The coach had notably hammered that all the players called up had to be absolutely ready for the first match of the World Cup againstAustralia.

Varane, a similar case… but treated differently

What other country in the world is deprived of a player of the quality of Benzema or a Golden Ball because you have to be ready for the match against Australia? “launched the journalist and editorialist of RMC Sports. “ Di Maria played at the start of the World Cup, then we didn’t see him. And just in the final, just in one match, he was the man of the match “. Note also that Raphael Varane seems to have benefited from a different treatment, since he was also in difficulty with his physique for the first match againstAustraliabut stayed anyway to play the rest of the World Cup.

“It’s a great chance for France to have Karim Benzema”

Contacted by RMC SportsI’French team wished to bring his vision of the business Benzema after the release of Daniel Riolo. Thus, we learn in particular that The fields would have held a very positive speech on the 2022 Ballon d’Or before the World Cup, which he considered an indisputable holder. He is also said to have stated in front of the President of the FFF, the Minister of Sports and a small committee: “ It’s a great chance for France to have Karim Benzema “.

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