Dani Alves makes people jealous in prison


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Dani Alves agitates Catalonia. Both outside and inside the prison where he is currently, in pre-trial detention, because of a complaint against him for sexual assault on a 23-year-old woman, on December 30, in a box of night in Barcelona. Sport reports that the Brazilian player has completely changed the daily life of Brians 2 prison, and that it does not really pass with the other prisoners.

“From what I heard, four supervisors accompany him who have him escorted to the patio and who keep him aside, alone, in particular declared a sitior of the prison to Europa Pressbefore continuing on the relations of Alves with the other prisoners. I couldn’t tell you if he has contact with other inmates, but what I do know is that for the moment he is on the sidelines because it is an exclusive case, because it is a well-known sportsman. » If the notoriety of the Brazilian can justify such treatment, it is difficult to explain this to the other prisoners of Brians 2 prison.

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