Dani Alves lives very badly his detention





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Dani Alves is currently entering his second month of incarceration in Brians prison (Barcelona), following accusations of rape which he has been subjected to since January by a 23-year-old woman. If he learned on Tuesday of the end of his relationship with model Joana Sanz, who came to visit him in detention, the Brazilian would experience this decision as heartbreaking.

As revealed in the Spanish program Cuatro al dia and picked up by AS, Dani Alves would have taken this separation badly and would have isolated himself in prison, no longer wishing to associate with any other inmate. It would be “down in the hole and very nervous” according to the program. If he had asked for provisional release, the former Brazilian international had seen his request rejected, due to a high risk of flight. He is still awaiting his trial.

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The new revelations about the sulphurous past of Dani Alves

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