Courtois understands Cristiano Ronaldo’s decision



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This is the question that comes up tirelessly in almost all the press conferences of clubs and / or players who have known Cristiano Ronaldo. So when the team is also preparing to play a match in Saudi Arabia, we can’t cut it. Today, it was the turn of Thibaut Courtois, the Real Madrid goalkeeper, to be present in front of the press ahead of the semi-final of the Spanish Super Cup against Valencia, a match which takes place precisely in the gulf.

“It shows that Arabia wants to improve”

And obviously, the 30-year-old Belgian international understands the Portuguese’s decision to try this new adventure: “Cristiano’s transfer clearly shows that the country wants to improve in sport. We see it in various events. During the Cup in the world, they beat Argentina. Cristiano chose to come here, it’s his decision, but it shows that Arabia want to improve. They brought him to win the League.” he said, before speaking about Saudi Arabia more generally: “It’s a pleasure for us to come to Saudi Arabia, we feel welcome, we have a lot of fans. We have seen it every time “We’re coming. For us, it’s like playing at home. Madrid have fans all over the world, it’s good to be able to come and be close to the fans who can’t come to Madrid.”

to summarize

White House goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has been asked to comment on Cristiano Ronaldo’s choice to leave Europe for Saudi Arabia. He explained that he understood the choice of the Portuguese international.

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