Colorado Youth Soccer

Colorado Youth Soccer is the new name of Colorado State Youth Soccer Association. It has an affiliation with US Soccer, US Youth Soccer, USOC, and FIFA. It is an organization that helps soccer players under nineteen in Colorado to advance in their soccer career.

CYS is one of many organizations who are non-profit. They offer programs that include the following:

Soccer Start

· This program is for seeking young people who have talents in soccer.

Risk Management Education

· The organization wants each player to be aware of the risks that the sport may bring.

Coaching Education

Olympic Development Program

· This includes camps and trainings to improve the skills of the players.

CYS has the following teams.

State League

· These teams are advanced leagues that participate at higher level of competition. The teams are classified into divisions according to their level of performance indicated in the standings and some other criteria the organization heads and judges decide.

– Elite

– Premier

– Classic

– Challenge

Recreational League

· Teams in the recreational league are not formed through tryouts but decided by location (neighborhood). These teams play micro soccer or other side games with the emphasis on the participation of everyone in the team/s. Each player is required to be in participation of at least 50% of every game, unless the player is excused for disciplinary matters or illness.

· Teams that showed exceptional performances are given the title of Option I League, which means Intermediate.

CYS concentrates in assisting young soccer player to get better, thus helping these players to become great football players in the future. Talented individuals are hard to find, skilled people are harder to locate. However, CYS made it possible to spot youngsters who may have future in the huge and marvelous world of soccer.

Source by John Escribar

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