Coaching Soccer Drills – Killer Tips on Shooting


You may know this already that in coaching soccer drills, every other skill leads to one final aim, a shot at the goal. It takes skill as well as gut feeling to produce quality shooting. But other than this, winning attitude is also equally important.

Even though, all players must do this but it is more onto the forward players to shoot the ball. When teaching soccer, shooting should be at the top of your list.

There are so many things that may result from a shoot. Shots can be positioned towards a goal. It may happen that the goalkeeper drops the ball right in front of your forward. Unruly shots can turn into brilliant passes. Ground shots may spring back. You can even score a goal by a straight shot.

At the time of soccer practice, the attacking players always try to make the most of every goal-scoring opportunity. They are trained in a way that they think of nothing else but scoring goals. These attacking players are referred to as sniffers in England. This happens because they are always reviewing scoring chances.

They take every shot as if it was the last chance to score a goal. They are always present at the right time at the right place. They’ll even make the most of being in the wrong place at the right time. So, in coaching soccer drills motivate the players to kick the ball whenever they can.

Normally, anytime the ball is kicked with an intention to put it inside the goal is taken as a shot. One of the most effective techniques of driving the ball is through its middle with the help of laces of the foot. While performing this, head of the player should be over the ball, his upper body be steady, and his toes should be extended.

The players should be taught in coaching drills to shoot the ball low and wide of the goalie. Here, low ground shots are preferred over high shots. This is because goalies find it difficult to stop the ground shots as they have to stretch their hands relatively more.

While practicing with regulation sized goals, players get to score more by hitting the ball over and above the goalkeeper’s head. You need to discourage your players on this as this leads them to a habit of shooting high goals. In coaching soccer drills, stop this practice by not letting your players to practice in adult sized goals.

So now go teach you kids to become master shooters when it comes to scoring goals by checking the goalie’s position once before they are ready to shoot.

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Source by Andre Botelho

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