Christian Falk’s Fact Files – Dortmund could keep Bellingham? Gvardiol to Madrid? Neuer v Nagelsmann, & more

Nobody who reads our column should be surprised because that’s what we’ve been saying all this time! The Premier League remains the first target for Jude Bellingham. I’ve always said Liverpool would be his preferred target but, of course, everyone knows that they’re not doing too well at the moment.

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It’s also a hope for Dortmund still that, if Liverpool aren’t playing in Europe, there’s the possibility of extending Bellingham’s stay by a year. Dortmund has a good chance of winning the Bundesliga, it’s very close. So there could be a chance that Bellingham waits for Liverpool.

[Jude Bellingham in action for Borussia Dortmund – (Photo by INA FASSBENDER/AFP via Getty Images)]

He seems very clear in his plans. I heard that, before Enzo Fernández’s move to London, Bellingham was looking at what was going on at Chelsea. Chelsea were interested but Bellingham saw there wasn’t a clear plan at the club, so there wasn’t a massive amount of interest in going there.

Newcastle were interested, that’s for sure, but they’re not in the range of clubs Bellingham’s seriously considering joining in the summer, despite their good form this term. If he’s going to leave Dortmund, it will be for a top club, so he’s still keeping an eye on circumstances at Liverpool.

Marcus Thuram is on a lot of lists because he’s an interesting player and a cheap option for the summer. He’s a good fit for Atlético Madrid’s system but the agents are still testing the market for him, so no decision has been made in any particular direction. He’s also still connected to Premier League clubs.

When a player changes agents, he’s always going to think about changing his club – that’s certainly the case with Jonathan Tah. I’ve heard that there aren’t any offers for him on the table yet.

But I’ve also heard that his new management is checking the Premier League market. They think the player would be a good fit there. There were…


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