If you are from USA or Canada OPEN UP! This is for you:

Did you know there is a new, growing industry in US and Canada that produced more profit last year than video games, movies, TV and other industries COMBINED!? I am talking about Daily Fantasy Sports If you’ve been missing the “next big thing”, you better listen carefully. (USA and Canada…

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My Favorite Esports Games for Betting On – And Where to Bet on Them

Betting on video games is a relatively new and exciting phenomenon which has swept the online community. The industry is growing at a rapid pace, offering plenty of different genres you can go along with. However, this diversity can prove overwhelming for a beginner. You have to study the best…

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Gwent as an Esport – Will Gwent: Homecoming Destroy Hearthstone?

I’m a frequent gamer, and growing up, I was passionate about battling my friends in Pokémon TCG, Pog, and Mortal Kombat tournaments. As I got older, I really found my niche in RPG games. I was gifted a copy of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and sank hundreds of hours…

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