Canton Cup Soccer Tournament – Annual Canton Soccer Tournament


The Canton Cup Soccer Tournament is an annual event participated by many clubs of the Michigan State and its neighboring states. This prestigious event has been going on for many years and is being conducted by the Canton Soccer Club. The annual tournament is a fundraising activity to support the clubs developmental programs of the sport and to showcase the talents of many athletes of different communities. The tournament also aims to promote the most favorite sport in the world. The event also serves as a venue to strengthen and unite different leagues and foster active participation with the sport.

The event has always been supported by many volunteers from the community and by different sectors and organizations involved with the sport. Family members of players also help with the preparation of the event.

The Canton Cup Soccer Tournament consists of different skill levels ranging from recreational and professional level and different age groups. Participating teams are required to pay the required entry fee mandated by the club. It is also required that teams joining the tournament must be duly registered or affiliated with any organization in their home state.

The club is dedicated to provide the best facilities and excellent programs to help players achieve their full potential with the sport and teach them to be role models of their respective community by virtue of commitment, respect and sportsmanship.

With the annual celebration of the tournament, participating teams together with their families and friends will experience the excitement of the sport while enjoying the many activities and recreation areas provided as part of the celebration.

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