Borghini relates the astonishing defense of Le Graët


Eric Borghini revealed the content of the Comex meeting held on Wednesday. The manager notably recounted the exchanges between Noël Le Graët and the members of the executive committee. The FFF president promised he had done nothing serious and apologized for his comments about Zinedine Zidane.

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Asked by BFM TV, Eric Borghini detailed the content of this Wednesday’s Comex meeting. He notably mentioned the defense for which Noël Le Graët had opted. “We got to the bottom of things. We started by listening to our chairman, who started the Comex by telling us ‘I haven’t done anything, I swear on your head that I haven’t done anything and that the audit report will be very positive for me, there will be nothing against me. He then apologized to us for the comments made about Zinedine Zidane. Words that he does not think, he is aware of what he represents for French and world football. He recognized that he had made a mistake, had an uncontrolled communication. He has sent a letter to Zinedine asking for an appointment. He apologized to him and to us.”explained the president of the Mediterranean League, who is close to the president.

“This withdrawal is a proposal from Noël Le Graët”

Eric Borghini also indicated that Noël Le Graët had realized that the point of no return had been reached. He himself offered to withdraw “This withdrawal is a proposal from Noël Le Graët. After the apology phase for Zinedine Zidane and the small formal error concerning Didier Deschamps’ contract, we had a really frank discussion, a bit like in a family. At the end, Noël understood perfectly that the status quo was impossible. Given the media frenzy, given the political expectations, given the state of public opinion, the status quo was impossible. He offered to step aside until the audit report is reviewed by the executive committee.”he continued.

This step back is supposed to last until the publication of the audit report requested by the Ministry of Sports. The Breton seems convinced that he will be positive against him: “If the report completely clears the president, I would like someone to explain to me why he would be forced to resign. Either he has committed acts which, on the criminal, disciplinary, ethical level, are condemnable, it will be in the report and in this case, there is no subject and he told us of himself ‘ I will resign’. Either the report is positive and clears him… in the name of what he would leave his functions? The report will be a bit of the arbiter. »

The controversies linked to the president of the FFF arise after multiple very risky outings on themes such as human rights in Qatar, the defense of LGBT rights, or the racism suffered by certain players of the France team. . Aged 81, he seems to have alienated many people and is even the target of accusations of sexual harassment. The Minister of Sports and the CNE (National Ethics Committee) believe that he must resign.

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