Bookies Enemy No1 – Racing Tips For The Pros

Bookies Enemy No1 – Racing Tips For The Pros
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My name is Gary Poole and I’ve been a professional punter/tipster for well over 15 years, and in that time I’ve established myself as one of the most respected tipsters in the UK. 

Over the years I’ve worked tirelessly to gain a good knowledge and understanding of horse racing, which has enabled me to produce an ever-growing source of winners. My winning formula has had the bookies running scared ever since I decided to dedicate my working life to horse racing back in 2002 and due to the size and regularity of my wins, I’ve had many of my online accounts either restricted or closed. But as we all know, in this day and age the bookies don’t like you beating them at their own game and quickly place restrictions on accounts as soon as they suspect you may be a winning punter, and like many other punters I feel this to be extremely unfair, in fact downright greedy!

So ever since these ridiculous restrictions were put in place at the merest whiff of a winning punter, my goal in life has been to offer my services to fellow punters like yourself, so that you also can have the chance to take as much money from those greedy bookies as you possibly can. It’s guaranteed to happen eventually, but when you do finally get restricted, just keep on opening account after account and beat them at their own game!

As a member, every evening and morning, I send a small handful of selections with my analysis for the next day of racing to you. All you need to do is then follow my advice and sit back the following day and enjoy the racing, while averaging over £400 per month to just £20 stakes!

Come join me and lets win some money!

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