Are Brazil Soccer Fans Better than the Brazil Soccer Team?


Brazil soccer fans are famous throughout the world for their carnival atmosphere at World Cup finals. The brazil soccer team are famous for their attractive football as they play with flair and imagination and it is no surprise that Brazil soccer fans also contribute to the party atmosphere when Brazil play!

Brazil soccer players respect the fans and this is no surprise when you watch big games with teams such as Santos that attract massive crowds. Many soccer managers will often claim that soccer fans can act as an extra man and this is certainly the case when Brazil play in front of over 100,000 brazil soccer fans at the famous Maracana Stadium.

The famous Maracana stadium was built in 1950 for the World cup finals and is famous throughout the world due to the massive attendance figures in the past (200,000 Brazil soccer fans attended the 1950 game against Uruguay).

Soccer fans are passionate but when things go wrong you can also expect criticism , the Brazil national soccer team were not welcomed home with open arms after they were eliminated at the 2006 soccer world cup! Ronaldinho the soccer player and other star names including Kaka and Ronaldo failed to retain the world cup despite the usual passionate support of the Brazil soccer fans.

The Brazil soccer team are also fortunate to have one of the most attractive female fans in the world! You will often see the fans dressed in stylish gear while doing the samba and supporting the team!

Source by Kevin McNally

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