Anne Hidalgo case: What new stadium for PSG?

For several weeks, PSG has been at war with Anne Hidalgo for the takeover of the Parc des Princes. While the mayor of Paris categorically refuses to give up her city’s stadium, the red and blue upper spheres are thinking of looking elsewhere. In your opinion, which arena should PSG choose?

wishing to expand the Princes Park and store more recipes, the PSG wants to own his stadium at all costs. However, Anne Hidalgo completely closes the door to this option: “Very clearly, the Parc des Princes is not for sale. And it will not be sold. This is a firm and final position. This is an exceptional heritage of Parisians. But of course we must support PSG in its desire and need for renovation, increased capacity, modernization of the Park. Remember, however, that the context is constrained. Part of the stadium is on the ring road, so you can’t dig,” said the mayor of Paris this Saturday. A message that has not gone unanswered.

The Stade de France for PSG?

Indeed, the PSG wanted to let Anne Hidalgo know that he will find a new stadium if he cannot afford the Princes Park. “Everyone loses in the position taken by the mayor. Paris Saint-Germain are now forced to find alternative options to relocate the club, depriving Paris of a major investment for its attractiveness. This is not the outcome the club, nor its supporters, were hoping for.”said a spokesperson for the club.

Direction Saint-Cloud or Poissy?

In case of definitive failure with the Princes Parkthe PSG would consider moving. And the Parisian management would already have several options: the stadium of France, the hippodrome of Saint Cloud or migrate to Poissy.

But which new stadium do you think should choose the PSG ? To your votes!

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