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This is the subject that is talked about almost every weekend in Spain. Match after match, Vinicius Junior, the Brazilian winger of Real Madrid, is the target of big mistakes from his opponents. Latest, that of Paulista during the match against Valencia, the defender having tried to put a real kick in Madrid, immediately sanctioned with a red card. Added to this are the many racist insults of which he is often the victim. At the heart of the critics, his dribbling judged by some as provocative, just like his celebrations while dancing. Present at the press conference today, his coach Carlo Ancelotti and his teammate Federico Valverde defended him.

“It’s a problem of Spanish football”

The Italian for his part denounced a problem “with Spanish football”: “The question I am asking is the following. Vinicius or his teammates? Against what do they have to defend themselves? Here, it seems that the problem comes from Vinicius and it’s not like that. It’s a problem in Spanish football and it has to be solved. Vinicius is the victim of something that I don’t understand.” An opinion shared by the Uruguayan: “As a teammate, I will say that he is an incredible person, with a lot of values. From a footballing point of view, he is different and appreciates football in his own way, in a happy. When a player is fould a lot, it’s part of football, but as teammates we defend it.” The main interested party will appreciate.

To sum up

Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid coach, and Federico Valverde, his player, defended the Brazilian Vinicius Junior, often the victim of big mistakes, but also many racist insults outside.

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