Analyzing the NBA Prop Bets and Futures Available at BetOnline

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The NBA season is about to start very soon, so I’m sure many of you are as excited as I am. It’s about time for the best basketball league in the world to return!

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Watching the games is obviously what I’m looking forward to, but the opportunity to make some money is always a part of the experience.

Usually, my bets are related to spreads and totals for specific games, but I will talk about something else today:the opportunity to place various futures and prop bets.

Those markets are underestimated by many bettors out there, but they often contain a lot of value.

My favorite sportsbook for that kind of thing is BetOnline. The company accepts players from the United States, so the American leagues are covered well. The NBA is not an exception, so you will be able to find plenty of exciting betting markets there.

The range of wagers available is the main reason why BetOnline is my favorite NBA betting site for futures and props. There are lots of other reasons, too. It’s an easy-to-use site, the odds are usually very competitive, and they deal with deposits and withdrawals better than most US-facing gambling sites.

I could go on, but instead, I’ll refer you to our BetOnline review for further details of what makes this site so good.

For the rest of this post, I will show you some of the props and futures currently available at BetOnline. I’ll also add some advice that could help you grab the opportunity to make some cash.

NBA Team Prop Bets and Futures

The most popular option when it comes to NBA prop bets and futures is to place a wager on a certain team, so this is where I will start. BetOnline has some exciting options, such as the following.

Classic Futures

I decided to name this first section “classic futures,” as it will contain some of the most popular and well-known betting markets of this kind.

The first one is to place a bet on a certain team to win the NBA. It’s no surprise that the Golden State Warriors are currently the overwhelming favorites.

BetOnline offers -200 for the reigning champions at the time of writing. This might seem low at first glance, but I don’t think I remember any other season in which there was such a massive favorite for the crown.

If you are not into that market, there are some other cool options. You could back a certain team to win its conference or even division. We’re currently running our predictions for each division out there, so make sure to check the blog for some juicy picks.

Finally, another classic prop bet is to bet if a team from the Eastern or from the Western Conference will win the NBA Championship. As you could expect, BetOnline sees the latter as the more likely opportunity.

The price for a franchise from the West to be crowned as the NBA winner this season is -450, while the East is available at +360.

To be honest, with teams like Boston, Philly, and Toronto in the mix, I feel that the value lies in the Eastern Conference.

There are a couple of franchises that could actually surprise the rest of the field. On top of that, the tougher Western Conference might lead to more minutes and fatigue for the teams playing there.

Regular-Season Wins

This one is my personal favorite, as you have the option to place a wager on the number of wins a team will achieve in the regular season. Let’s say you want to bet on the NBA regular-season wins total of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Right now, BetOnline offers -130 for the franchise to get over 30.5 wins and +110 for under 30.5 wins. If you decide to back the under, this means that any number of victories up to 30 will bring you a profit. The opposite line works in a similar fashion.

If you are following the NBA closely, the wins markets is a perfect way to monetize your knowledge.

All teams are covered for this wager, so make sure to check the lines and try to find the best value.

While we’re at it, one of our guys already shared an early preview and picks that could be helpful. Make sure to check it for some ideas.

Playoff Specials

As the name of this betting market suggests, it provides you the opportunity to bet if a certain team will reach the NBA playoffs or not. You can place money on both options, and there are some exciting prices out there.

For example, the super-tight Western Conference offers juicy odds on a couple of good teams.

A solid option here is to back the San Antonio Spurs. Popovich and his boys are +100 to reach the playoffs, which seems high enough, even if you consider the injury of Dejounte Murray.

There are other exciting prices available, as BetOnline covers every single franchise.

With some research, you could make some good money at the end of the NBA regular season with these markets.

As usual, the key here is to prepare well. Check how the teams did in the past couple of seasons, what’s changed for this season, and things like that to give yourself a better chance.

Of course, always make sure to know the roster well before you actually place real cash.

NBA Player Props and Futures

Next in line are the betting markets dedicated to certain players. There are plenty of them available.


I’ll start with probably the most popular one out there. This gives you the chance to place money that a certain player will become the most valuable player, or MVP.

The current favorite is LeBron James, and the price for him is +350. Other interesting picks include the winner from last year, James Harden at +650, and the returning Kawhi Leonard, who’s priced at +900.

Before you actually bet on this market, it’s a good idea to know how the MVP award works.

For a start, we’re talking about the NBA MVP prize for the regular season. No playoff games are included here, and in theory, this is a purely individual award.

If you are looking for some experts’advice on this market, we can help. One of my colleagues has written a blog post where he looks at all the top contenders for the 2018/19 NBA MVP. He analyzes each one and offers his top pick.

Scoring Title

This NBA futures market works in a similar way to the MVP one. You can place some money on the player that you believe will score the most points in the NBA.

Currently, Anthony Davis and James Harden are the favorites. You can get +300 on both.

It’s interesting to note the way BetOnline determines the winner. The bookie calculates the average points per game, not the total points scored. On top of that, a player has to feature in at least 58 games from the regular season.

Those are important details, so make sure to implement them in your analysis of this particular NBA betting market.

Prop Bets for Certain Games

Another option that I love and often use are the prop bets that BetOnline offers on each NBA game. You will find various opportunities dedicated to the personal stats of the players.

For example, you will be able to place a wager on LeBron James to score over/under 24.5 points or provide over/under 5.5 for Lakers fixtures.

There are plenty of opportunities for each game. If you decide to focus on such markets, it’s pretty much about analyzing the correct data. Check the averages of the player, how he did against similar opposition, and things like that.

BetOnline Prop Bet Builder

One of the most exciting options that BetOnline provides is the prop-bet builder. As the name suggests, you can actually create your own betting market with this feature. Simply open it, select the NBA, then pick the player and the game.

You can combine different options to accumulate some monster prices. Honestly speaking, this feature is so good that it deserves special attention. I will leave the rest of the details out for now, as I will write a separate post about the opportunities the prop-bet builder provides.


Some people don’t like futures and prop bets. Although they’re different from the more common betting markets such as points spreads and moneylines, they’re still very popular, and I think that ignoring them is a mistake.

You can often discover some exceptional opportunities to grab value bets with futures and props, especially on the NBA. That’s why I strongly recommend following BetOnline and ALL its NBA betting lines.

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