A Spanish D3 coach wants to train his team in telework!


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The Covid-19 health crisis having turned our habits upside down, teleworking has naturally interfered in our daily lives over the past two years. One area is still hermetic to this little revolution: the world of football. But nothing can resist Zoom meetings, since for the first time, the coach of Linares in Spanish D3, announced that he would exercise his profession as a semi-face-to-face coach.

A situation due to the fact the tactician in question, Alberto González, wants to spend more time with his daughters. To Radio Cadena Serthe Spanish strategist explained.“I approached the club to say that I had a situation in which my presence was necessary in Malaga, in my city, I was going to have to leave. This possibility of telecommuting didn’t even cross my mind. (…) If there was a solution that allowed me to combine this, I was delighted. The last thing I wanted was to leave them hanging, but sometimes in life you have to know how to prioritize. (…) I do not consider it ideal, far from it. But the key is the trust that both parties have in each other. (…) I will wear the headset to be in continuous communication and I will watch the match on video. » To see if this solution proves beneficial for his team in the future.

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